Cheese Cakes

The latest trend in wedding celebrations!

Surprise and impress your family and guests with one of our unique cheese wedding cakes.


Not everyone is into traditional wedding cakes, whether this be a fruit or sponge cake. With so many different cheeses now available and quality local cheeses becoming so popular its the latest trend to offer your guests a superb cheese board instead of just cake!


We can advise you on how much cheese you would require, what types of cheese to include and how to make the cheese into a wonderful tiered effect. We can cater for any size budget and ensure you get a very competitive price.


We will also put on a tasting session and explain to you all about the different cheeses and which cheeses work well with each other.

We want to look after our customers and make sure we exceed all your expectations so you exceed all your guests expectations on the big day!


For this unique service please contact Robert Myers via our enquiries page.