The finest quality olives, oils & dressings!

Our olives are sold loose and served straight from our olive counter.

We know how important fresh olives are, thats why we have a delivery every 2 weeks direct from the producer. Our olives are one of the top selling products within the Deli - please come in and sample them all, we want our customers to try every flavour available!


We have a large variety of marinated, pitted and stuffed olives to choose from, we like to keep our range seasonal, so our customers can experience the best of what is on offer at different times of the year. Some of our olives in stock at the moment include; pitted green, pitted kalamata  almond stuffed, very garlic stuffed, pepper stuffed, tomato stuffed, pistou and sunshine olives! 


To accompany our olive selection, you will also find a range of anti pasti- perfect for nibbling on or storing in your cupboards!