The Famous Lincolnshire Plum Loaf

The first and only Plum Loaf to win Gold in the Great Taste Awards!

Our Famous Lincolnshire plum loaf is made using only the most succulent fruit and finest quality ingredients available, from the 5 crown Australian sultanas to the flour which is milled in Essex by an established family business.

After the mixing process, the dough is left to ferment for one hour, this helps to give the loaf more flavour before being weighed into individual loaves and moulded by hand.

The plum loaves take two to three hours to rise, following this they are carefully brushed with fresh egg before going into the oven.

After being left to cool overnight the loaves are carefully wrapped and boxed to leave for the stockists the same day.
This ensures that they reach the shelf as fresh as possible for you to enjoy.

Featured on BBC 1 Country File
Making of the Lincolnshire Plum Loaves with Presenter Julia Bradbury

We reguarly attend Food Shows around the county with our Plum Loaf stand. Pictured below is our stand at the Lincolnshire Show 2011.

Serving Suggestions
Our famous Lincolnshire plum loaf is delicious simply sliced and buttered or with a crisp apple at lunch time. Why not try some toasted, or with your favourite preserve for a traditional afternoon tea. Equally it makes the perfect accompaniment with cheese and a glass of wine after dinner.
Traditionally British
In 1977 as part of her Silver Jubilee celebrations, the Queen had her first taste of our Lincolnshire plum loaf. The loaf was sent as part of a hamper containing Lincolnshire foods as a gift from the local Parish council. Our plum loaf proved so popular that a request was made for an 'encore'!
More recently our plum loaves are now being served in the first class cabins onboard British Airways long haul flights leaving Heathrow. The product accompanies the cheese board to give passengers a taste of Britain.