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The only plum loaf to win a 'Gold' in the Great Taste Awards...

Our famous Lincolnshire plum loaf is a moist fruit loaf with a unique taste all of its own. Contrary to what the name suggests, there are no plums in the recipe, instead the name actually refers to the dried fruit in the product. It can be served simply sliced and buttered, toasted or alternatively, why not try it with a slice of your favourite cheese and a piece of crisp apple?

Our Lincolnshire Plum Loaf: About Us


All of our plum loaves are handmade by our small team of craft bakers to an original recipe since 1901. Only the finest quality ingredients available are used, from the succulent sultanas to the flour which is milled in Essex by an established family run business.
The production process starts with the mixing of all the ingredients, the dough is then left to ferment, this helps give the loaf more flavour before being weighed in to individual loaves and moulded by hand. Following this the plum loaves are then left to rise for between 2-3 hours, before being carefully brushed with egg wash and going in to the ovens to bake.

Our Lincolnshire Plum Loaf: Our History
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From royalty to flying high...

We are very proud to say that in 1977 the Queen had her first taste of our Lincolnshire plum loaf! The product was sent as part of a Lincolnshire hamper as a gift for her 'Silver Jubilee' celebrations from the local parish council. Our plum loaf proved so popular that we received a letter from the master of the household with a request for an 'encore'. 

Our plum loaves have also been served in the first class cabins onboard British Airways long haul flights from Heathrow. The product accompanied the cheese board to give passengers a taste of Britain.  

Our Lincolnshire Plum Loaf: About Us
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